No. 1         JACKSONVILLE SHELL CLUB BULLETIN        October, 1960

    The next meeting will be Thursday, October 22, at 8:00 P.M. at the home of Mrs. W. A. Fisackerly. The cleaning of shells will be demonstrated and discussed by Mr. Larry Hedgecoth.

    Mr. and Mrs. Melton made a trip to Cedar Key, September 13, in search of Barnea costata ((now known as Cyrtopleura costata)); and their efforts were well rewarded. They came home covered with mud but happy with their prize catch of three beautiful large live specimens. The "prizes" were found about one foot under water in the mud flats off the causeway going to Cedar Key. Mr. Melton, who did the digging, says he saw about 3 inches of the siphons showing above the mud. He then started digging with his hand along the 2 to 3 feet burrows until he could get his hand around the shell; he then pulled them out. He says that anyone can get "Snout Clams" (as the Cedar Key natives call them) if they have perseverance, long arms, and are willing to dig up to their shoulders, laying the side of their face in the mud. Mrs. Melton brought one of the specimens to the September meeting and showed it to the club. Larry Hedgecoth took some very good pictures of one of these live specimens.

    Jacksonville University has kindly offered the use of the Student Council Room to the club for the fourth Thursday of each month. They requested that there be no smoking in this room.

    The Jacksonville Shell Club display is still at the Chamber of Commerce, but anyone wishing to see it is urged to do so soon, as it is due to be removed in the near future. The Shell Club exhibit loaned by club members to the Willowbranch Library for display has been moved to the Southside Library.

    Mrs. Raven, Mrs. Melton, and Mrs. Moeller were appointed to function as the program committee with Mrs. Eubanks as chairman. A phone call from any member with ideas or suggestions for future programs will be appreciated.

    The movies "Sea Shell Animals" and "Life In The Ocean" were shown at the September meeting. These were with sound, in color, and very interesting. The club thanks Mrs. Fisackerly for arranging the showing of these files and Mr. VanBuskirk for operating the projector.

    We welcome Miss Margaret Herrick, who has joined our club since the September meeting. Miss Herrick, who lives in St. Augustine, has a large collection of shells many of which are rare. She is willing to show them to visiting shell club members. Mr. and Mrs. Hedgecoth visited Miss Herrick; and they say her collection is magnificent. Miss Herrick has duplicate shells she is interested in trading.

    First ((Hurricane)) Donna stormed through the Florida Keys, then the Meltons and Hedgecoths came. No soft vacation for these four -- they camped out. Their campsite was at the Big Fine Key Fishing Lodge. Mr. and Mrs. Undell, who own the lodge, went in the boat with our hearty quartet to guide then to good shelling spots. The Undells not only did this, but they went out of their way to be helpful as possible in every way. The Meltons and Hedgecoths recommend this lodge to any shelling members who need a campsite or motel. The vacationers reported that with all the damage at Marathon, Big Pine Key suffered by comparison little damage. Donna washed up an abundance of miscellaneous drift and shells and ardent shellers made the most of it. They brought back approximately 77 different species of shells. Among these were strombs, cones, tellinas, vase shells, and chitons (Nice big ones). This was evidently a pleasant and successful vacation in every way.

     Our corresponding secretary, Mrs. Raven, obtained for Club member's use a copy of "Directory of Conchologists". Anyone wishing to trade shells will find this very helpful.

     The Jacksonville Shell Club appreciates the generous donation of membership cards by Effie Sutton's Book Store. Miss Effie Sutton is now a lifetime charter member by unanimous vote of the membership. It is hoped that the members will patronize her store whenever possible.

     The lovely Junonia on the front of the membership cards was sketched by Harriett Hedgecoth. We are lucky to have such talent in our club.

    This newborn bulletin has no name. Please put on your original thinking caps and bring all your resulting brain children to the October meeting so next month's bulletin won't be nameless.