Taxa published in Martyn's The universal conchologist and conserved by Opinion 479 of the ICZN, September 3, 1957:

[Patella] denticulata
; now Cellana denticulata (Martyn, 1784) [Patellidae]
[Trochus] granosus; now Turbo (Modelia) granosus (Martyn, 1784) [Turbinidae]
Trochus heliotropum; now Astraea heliotropum (Martyn, 1784) (Turbinidae]
Buccin[um] linea; now Buccinulum linea linea (Martyn, 1784) [Buccinidae]
Buccin[um] maculosum; now Cominella maculosa (Martyn, 1784) [Buccinidae]
[Limax] opalus; now Cantharidus opalus opalus (Martyn, 1784) [Trochidae]
Buccin[um] papulosum; now Struthiolaria (Struthiolaria) papulosa (Martyn, 1784) [Struthiolariidae]
[Trochus] punctulatus; now Maurea punctulata (Martyn, 1784) [Calliostomatidae]
Buccin[um] vermis; now Struthiolaria (Pelicaria) vermis (Martyn, 1784) [Struthiolariidae]